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Everything starts and ends with people...

Realizing scalable quantum computers, one of the most disrupting technologies in the world, is highly challenging. The key for success lies first and foremost in having a tier-1 team of experts in science, engineering and operations. Our team fosters the broad scope of abilities and skills needed to meet these challenges, with the highest degree of excellence.

At Quantum Art, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that celebrates and values the unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of our employees.


Our Founders bring together dozens of years of experience, from fundamental science, through product development and deployment, and to mega-project management.

Dr. Tal David (CEO)

Formerly the Head of the Israel National Quantum Initiative, and a senior executive at the Israel Ministry of Defense. Tal has a PhD in quantum physics, focusing on ultra-cold atoms, BEC, and atom-chips. He was a group leader in quantum sensing for the Israel Aerospace Industries, and a physicist in a fiber-laser startup.


Prof. Roee Ozeri (Chief Scientist)

A professor of physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), with more than 20 years' experience in trapped ion quantum computing, and an expert in coherent control methods. Roee earned his PhD from WIS and was a research fellow in the Wineland group at NIST, focusing on quantum computing with trapped ions. His group was the first to realize a full-stack quantum computer in Israel. He is a vice president of WIS, for development and communications.

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Dr. Amit Ben Kish (CTO)

Formerly a Division CTO (>1,000 people) in one of the large corporates in Israel. Amit earned his PhD from the Technion, was a research fellow in the Wineland group at NIST, focusing on quantum computing with trapped ions. He was a visiting scientist at Princeton, where he focused on quantum sensing. Amit led many groups and projects, and formed the national center of excellence for quantum sensing.

A Tier-1 Team of Passionate Experts

Our team of >30 excellent members is comprised of highly experienced researchers from leading academic institutions in Israel and the world (including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Max Planck, University of Geneva, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Technion, and more), as well as veterans of Israel and multinational industries (Apple, Microsoft, IAI, Rafael, Applied Materials, and more).

We're organized in several groups covering diverse scientific and engineering disciplines, with operations and business support. The groups work on all layers of the quantum computing stack, from designing and fabricating advanced traps, optical front end and imaging modules, to QPU and systems. The hardware is pushed by software, theory, and algorithms groups, to realize a seamless full-stack solution.

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